Nintendo released quite an expansive line of N64 color variations, giving players plenty of ways to express themselves. Still, some gamers were looking for something a bit flashier, and a number of third parties were willing to offer extremely unique takes.

Back in the N64’s prime, Foxdata Ltd. was out to capture some attention by releasing four custom N64 controller designs: Desert Storm, Red Rain, Purple Forest, and Chrome Leopard. While exact figures are hard to pin down, it seems somewhere around 200 of each of these controllers was produced. That means anyone who owns one of these controllers has a pretty rare gem in their collection.

Liam Clousdale happens to be one of those lucky people, as he picked up a Chrome Leopard Foxdata controller decades ago and still owns it today. According to Clousdale, he originally asked for the Chrome Leopard controller for a rather practical reason.

When Liam would travel to friends’ homes to play N64, everyone brought their own controller. In order to avoid confusion and accidentally leave his controller behind, Liam went with the supremely unique Chrome Leopard design. Without a doubt, no one would accidentally mistake this Foxdata controller for their own!

It was only recently that Clousdale found out how rare this controller is, so he’s putting it up at auction for a true N64 collector to have. While the auction is yet to take place, early estimates are saying Clousdale could rake in upwards of £1000 for his piece of N64 history.

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9M ago

Thanks for the story!
I'd never heard about these.

Looking into it, though, it seems they were just unlicensed custom paint jobs.
A custom modder will paint you a one-of-a-kind paint job and it'd be both rarer and just as "official" as this one.