Game Composers Unite for Second Annual Halloween Remix Album

Gaming classics with a spooky twist

02 October 2023
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Scarlet Moon Records is pleased to present Scarlet Moon Halloween Volume II, a chilling collection of remixes here just in time for Halloween month. This year’s volume features six tracks and a few surprises. Arrangements come courtesy of Scarlet Moon Artists and friends, with arrangements by ROZEN (Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Sins of Hyrule), Goomin “Nauts” Nam (Ragnarok Online, DJMAX), Nami Nakagawa (vocalist on NieR series, Demon Slayer), and more. Games featured include Banjo-Kazooie, FINAL FANTASY XVI, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Secret of Mana, and Ragnarok Online. Listeners will enjoy a moody 16-bit-style “demake” of the catchy FINAL FANTASY XVI battle theme, “Sixteen Bells,” by Frank van ‘t Ende, a surprising take on “Ceremony” from Secret of Mana, an original Ragnarok Online composer (Goomin Nam) remixing music from Ragnarok Online, and the debut of newest Scarlet Moon Artists member Nami Nakagawa with an impressive original work featuring numerous live players in an original song titled “Regret.” Scarlet Moon Halloween Volume II is now available on all storefronts.

The full track listing for Scarlet Moon Halloween Volume II is as follows:

  1. The Grand Monster Hotel (“Mad Monster Mansion” from Banjo-Kazooie) - ROZEN
  2. Sixteen Bells (FINAL FANTASY XVI) - Frank van ‘t Ende
  3. Stone Tower of Terror (“Stone Tower Temple” from Majora’s Mask) - Jamphibious
  4. Ceremony (Secret of Mana) - Tommy Pedrini feat. milkyPRiSM
  5. Pumpkins in Payon (“Theme of Payon” from Ragnarok Online) - Goomin Nam
  6. Regret - Nami Nakagawa

Scarlet Moon Halloween is Scarlet Moon’s annual October remix series. Arrangers come from the Scarlet Moon family, all of whom arrange game music in Halloween style, remix spooky songs in their own signature style, or write original Halloween-y tracks.

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