The latest entry in Wizard with a Gun’s Gunmancer’s Diary series introduces you to The Shatter; the crumbling remnants of a world destroyed by Chaos, wrought with dangerous creatures and all manner of arcane mysteries.

As you embark on your adventures in Wizard with a Gun you’ll discover and explore many different locations, each filled with its own unique assortment of creatures, characters and interesting artifacts left over from the before times. Some of the folks you meet will have interesting things to tell you, recipes to share with you, quests to take you on or even guns to sell.

Beginning in The Imperium, the decrepit remains of the wizard empire, your search for vital components and rival wizards will fling you to the very edges of the world, including the arcane fungal farmland of The Fell, the unforgiving Frozen Wastes as well as the parched and perilous Barren Sea.

When it all becomes too much, The Tower is your home away from The Shatter. To begin with it’s a little run down, sure, but over time you’ll come to appreciate its shabby chic. Return to the Tower between expeditions into The Shatter to discover new spells, build out your research capabilities, store loot or process ingredients.

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