Pokémon Scarlet & Violet recently received a Ver. 2.0.1 update to introduce the Teal Mask DLC and a host of other features, but we now know this version also included a completely unintended bug as well. Worst of all, this bug can hit you during the final boss battle.

When taking on the final fight with the Paradise Protection Protocol, you’ll have to use the Legendary Pokémon that’s been at your side since the start of the adventure. This would be Koraidon in Scarlet or Miraidon in Violet. If that Pokémon happens to be registered to your Pokédex, and your cursor hovers over the fourth, fifth, or sixth slot in your party, the game will crash instantly.

Pokémon Co. is no doubt aware of the issue and working on a fix, but what can players do while they wait for the update? You could make sure you have 3 or less Pokémon in your party when heading into the fight, or you could click up to go straight to your Legendary, which would keep your cursor far away from activating the bug.

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