R-Type Final 2 players can hop into the game today and snag the “B-99 APOCALYPSE” DLC today. You can give the trailer above a watch to see what the B-99 APOCALYPSE has to offer.

The B-99 APOCALYPSE is a mysterious craft with an eerie appearance, as if some dimensional fighters had been swallowed by Bydo’s component. Compatible exclusively with Bydo system fighters, it can be equipped with all Bydo system weapons that have been developed. It carries two completely new weapons exclusive to the B-99 and generates an afterimage with offensive power after firing the Wave Cannon.

Content of DLC “R-Type Final - B-99 APOCALYPSE” DLC

  • Aircraft: B-99 APOCALYPSE
  • Weapon: Evil Wave
  • Weapon: Bydo Force DX
  • Outfit: “Bydo-type helmet: Metallic” “Bydo-type suit: Metallic”
  • Items: “Bydo/ Wriggling Mass 1” “Bydo/ Wriggling Mass 2” “Bydo/ Pulsating Lump” “B-99 APOCALYPSE 1/20 Scale”
  • Resources: “Solonium x4000” “Etherium x4000” “Bydogen x4000”
  • Three decals

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