Created by Behaviour™ Interactive, Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action horror game of hide and seek, set in a dark fantasy and drawing from all corners of horror, where each match is a different experience. Dead by Daylight boasts more than 50 million players both globally and across all platforms. On any given day, up to 2 million players step into The Fog, whether on PC, console, or mobile. Since its release in 2016, the game has become a place where cult classic horror survives and thrives, having welcomed legends from TV, movies, and video games.

Dare to enter the Void that is Dead by Daylight where your favorite horror characters coexist, ruled by a dark force in never-ending Trials. The Fog thickens this year as Haunted by Daylight, the unmissable in-game Halloween event returns, bigger than it’s ever been.


Players should get amped up on their jump scares thanks to Void Zones, new, terrifying gates to a mysterious Realm where the Entity’s victims – or Haunts - are dismissed and await to be released. The stakes will be even higher as players will find themselves face to face with these Haunts for the first time…

Please find above the official Halloween 2023 Roadmap for Dead by Daylight with key dates and events, including this year’s Haunted by Daylight event launching on Oct. 18.

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