Melbourne based Lucky Last Studio will be giving people a chance to be the first to play a demo of their debut title, Skate Bums, at PAX Aus 2023 this year. Skate Bums is an action-packed skateboarding platformer inspired by 90’s skate culture and delivered in a unique illustrative art style, set to launch on Nintendo Switch in early 2024.

You play as the unlikely female protagonist, Lux, as you skate through unique locations to defeat a series of bosses called Skate Bums, on their own signature levels. Jump into intricate multi-layered levels, uncovering the perfect path to unleash massive combos, dodge obstacles and complete unique challenges.

The demo will showcase a hand picked selection of 22 levels, across two locations and two boss battles against Drix and Cali-Kid.

Key Features

  • A 90’s skateboarding story about a female skater who battles a cast of over-the-top, eccentric skateboarders known as the Skate Bums to reclaim her beloved Beluga City
  • Short arcade based levels, offering different ways to complete
  • Unique challenges for amateur, pro and legendary skaters in each level
  • Find your ideal path to show off your style and pull off block-busting combos
  • Boss battles against 6 Skate Bums
  • Earn coin by nailing cool combos and completing challenges
  • Unlock gear at Licky’s shop by spending your coin or completing unique tasks

Skate, grind, combo and crash though exciting levels filled with surprises at every turn, transforming the city into your personal playground. Skate Bums offers a unique gaming experience that transports you back to an era of thrill-seeking, fun, freedom, style and individuality that will leave players wanting more.


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