As part of their latest issue, Game Informer has a blowout feature on Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Within that feature is a breakdown of some courses that Nintendo hasn’t shared anywhere else. If you consider this kind of thing spoiler, you’ll want to turn away round now. If you’re cool with learning a bit more about the various courses you’ll be exploring, read on below!

Condarts Away! - World 2 : Two-Star Difficulty

  • takes place in a cloud and snow biome called Fluff-Puff Peaks
  • wintry backdrop and foreground
  • level is more snow-focused than ice
  • features the new Condart enemy: yellow birds that dart towards you when you’re spotted
  • as Condarts speed forward, they destroy obstacles and other enemies in their way,
  • Condarts can get stuck in the wall or ground when they impact with their red beeks
  • includes a special area with Zip Tracks
  • Zip Tracks are yellow-colored rails that let Mario grind and zipline through the area
  • the Wonder Seed in this course changes gameplay to a top-down perspective

Where The Rrrumbas Rule - World 6 : Two-Star Difficulty

  • take place in a cave and lava biome, but the name remains a secret
  • takes place deep in a cavern and features giant sentient boulders known as Rrrumbas
  • when Rrrumbas spot you, they roll towards you, destroying certain objects
  • Topple Rocks are tall, pillar-like stones stand upright, but can be pushed over domino-style
  • the Wonder Seed in this course turns Mario into a Spike Ball version of himself
  • as a Spike Ball, you can roll through enemies, over ramps and around obstacles

Countdown to Drop Down - World 2 : Three-Star Difficulty

  • takes place back in World 2, Fluff-Puff Peaks
  • Dropdown Countdown Lifts are platforms that display a number on them
  • each time you land on these Lifts, the number depletes
  • once the number reaches zero, it dumps whatever or whoever is on top of the platform
  • if you leave the Lift for a short period of time, the number replenishes
  • the second half of the stage introduces a Spiny-throwing Lakitu and Melon Piranha Plants
  • Melon Piranha Plants spit black melon seeds out that don’t hurt you, but push you back
  • the Wonder Seed in this course is grabbed during a freefall
  • as you’re free-falling, invincibility stars pass by that you can grab to damage Smogrins with

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