On this episode of the “Arcade with Alvin” spin-off series from Binging With Babish, Alvin is making meat (literally) roasted on a rock, inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Marbled Rock Roast is said to have appeared immediately after the Upheaval. It is broken down from large, pink-veined rocks that can initially be found in the mines north of Goron City, and later inside Death Mountain as well. It is a hard rock, and only Yunobo is capable of breaking it with his unique ability. Elder Gorons are not capable of eating it due to their aged teeth, and nor are child Gorons ; as such, it is only eaten by the younger adult Gorons.

The Roast appears bright pink - the same color as eyes of the Goron who eat it. It appears to be made of Gloom Rock, which afflicts the one who eats it, and makes them only think about wanting more of the substance. It only has power for as long as what created it - Marbled Gohma - still exists, and instantly disappears from existence when the Marbled Gohma in the Fire Temple is defeated. (h/t Zelda Dungeon)

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