Pikmin 4 appears to be the best-selling Pikmin game of the entire franchise, and by a sizable margin. You all know what that kind of success means. Here comes the Pikmin merch train, and Nintendo is kicking things off with a special line for Japan.

Just last week, Nintendo showcased a wind-up Bulborb toy that would be sold at Nintendo Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Turns out that was just the beginning of things, as Nintendo has since shared a look at 3 more wind-up Pikmin toys in the works.

We now know that an Orange Bulborb, Yellow Wollyhop and Iridescent Flint Beetle will be getting the wind-up toy treatment along with the previously-revealed standard Bulborb. Unfortunately, we still have no idea when these toys are going to release or if they’ll be made available outsidse of Japan. Should Nintendo share any insight on those fronts, we’ll make sure to bring the details to you.

UPDATE: The toys just keep coming, as Nintendo has revealed a 4th wind-up figurine from the Pikmin franchise. You can check it out in action via the X post below.

UPDATE 2: Yet another new Pikmin wind-up toy has been revealed and you can check it out below.

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