Capcom recently held a public vote to find out which catchphrase from their various game franchises was head-and-shoulders above the rest, the the people have spoken.

In the public vote, Capcom has fans to pick which catchphrase they felt was the best from Capcom’s lineup of games. The catchphrases included are as follows:

  • “Objection!” from Ace Attorney
  • “Itchy. Tasty.” from Resident Evil
  • “So tasty” from Monster Hunter
  • “Let’s party!” from Sengoku Basara
  • “Tiun Tiun” (the death sound effect) from Mega Man

The winner, far and away, was “Objection!” from Ace Attorney, which managed to snag a whopping 52% of the vote. In honor of the decision, Capcom released a variety of images showcasing other iconic Capcom characters shouting the famous phrase out. You can see those images in the gallery below. (h/t VGC)


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9M ago

We all know “Natalia, the sleuths!” is the actual winner.