Cassette Beasts has been updated to Ver. 1.5. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New Additions:

  • Added a button to view the names and descriptions of status effects in battle when using a controller. This was previously only possible if you were using a mouse.
  • Added a colour-blind accessibility option to change health bars from green/red to blue/orange.
  • Added an audio setting to mute transformation sound effects.
  • If you have more than 200 items in a single tab in the inventory, the tab will be automatically split into pages of 50 items each to aid in navigating large numbers of stickers.
  • Several filtering options have been added to the sticker inventory: Name, Rarity, Category, and Elemental Type.
  • A Bulk Recycle button has been added to the sticker inventory. It can be used when a filter is set, and recycles every sticker that matches the current filters.


  • Fixed Intercept not affecting team-target attacks affected by Unitarget.
  • Fixed status effects ticking down twice on the round that you fuse.
  • Fixed an NPC in Harbourtown who sometimes spawned underground.
  • Fixed Kayleigh’s name not being displayed when she talks for Barkley in post-boss cutscenes set in the cafe.
  • Fixed inconsistent music near the Cherry Meadow cave.
  • Fixed monsters with Vampire healing from 0 HP when they should be defeated.
  • Fixed Ghostly and Gambit killing player characters if they record a monster while the status has 1 turn left.
  • Fixed Resonance not overloading if you use Dog Years to double it.
  • Fixed some geometry that could get a player temporarily stuck under a walkway in the Abandoned Mine in the marsh.
  • Fixed Viola’s quest not becoming complete if you defeated the story’s final boss before finishing it.
  • Fixed player characters’ sleeves periodically resetting to long sleeves regardless of selected top.

Other Changes:

  • Controls in the inventory have been changed to LB/PgUp and RB/PgDn to switch tabs, to become consistent with other tabbed UIs. Left/Right can be used to jump up and down the list like PgUp/PgDn used to.
  • Added some text to the controller select screen to help new players figure out what they need to do to enable and start local co-op.
  • Added a dialog to confirm the player’s decision to flee before actually attempting to flee.
  • Added a hard limit of 2500 to the number of stacks of stickers players can keep in their inventory. This should help keep memory use from getting so large it causes saving to fail. Any stickers you pick up past that limit, that don’t stack with stickers you already have, are dropped until you’re back under the limit. This won’t automatically erase any stickers you already have past the limit when you load a file, but you will need to recycle some to be able to pick up more stickers.
  • The game now keeps 2 previous versions of each save file in addition to the current file itself. If it detects that the most recent version is corrupt, it will automatically attempt to load one of the backups instead.

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