Lunistice has been updated to Ver. 1.05b. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Added ”Smooth Camera”option to the Camera menu. This will smooth out horizontal camera movement overall, which should (hopefully) lead to a much more controllable character and reduced motion sickness for many people. This option is active by default on fresh save files only and can be deactivated at any time to restore the camera to its old behaviour
  • Added UI elements for tracking your progress in Stage 5-2


  • Overhauled camera snapping (left trigger button). Instead of using Hana’s view direction for recentering it’ll now take player input into account (when moving). This means that the camera should now snap to where you want to go, not where the character’s currently looking at
  • Removed a bunch of enemies from Toree’s levels. Mind you, Toree is still considered the de facto “hard-mode” of the game and you will have to do some “weird” jumps, but most if not all of the really unfair enemies should be gone now
  • Rebalanced final section of Stage 2-1
  • Very slight rebalancing of Stage 2-2
  • Rebalanced Stage 4-2. Again
  • Very slight rebalancing of Stage 5-2
  • Made hitboxes on rolling pin stage hazards much more lenient


  • Fixed Stage 5-2 music
  • Fixed being able to trigger the final platform in Stage T with less than 4 switches
  • Fixed music not pausing when collecting level secrets
  • (Hopefully) fixed camera randomly facing the wrong direction when spawning at checkpoint
  • Fixed being able to easily bypass a certain part of Stage 7-2
  • Fixed weird collision on the final parts of Stage 6-1 where you could lose your double jump easily

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