While Nintendo ended purchases of Wii U and 3DS eShop titles a few months back, people have still been able to hop online and play their favorites games with online connectivity. Unfortunately, we now know the time to enjoy those services is limited.

Nintendo has confirmed that online play for Wii U and 3DS games will officially be turned off sometime in April 2024. A specific date was not shared, but that will be conveyed at a later time. This decision means that online play, internet rankings, and data distribution will no longer function.

Nintendo did point out that Pokémon Bank will continue to function, but said that service could end as well at some point.

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9M ago

Oh, son of a bitch...


8M ago

"Nintendo did point out that Pokémon Bank will continue to function,"

phew! 😅


8M ago

Everything good comes to an end, as they say, but how many people are actually playing online on these consoles, especially the U?


8M ago

Death comes for all online games, but it still stings. March will be a busy time of revisiting these games as a send-off.


8M ago


tested the online in xenoblade X the hours before the eshop shut down, there was still people doing squadmissions.


8M ago

My Wii U and 3DS are getting more and more sabotaged by their own maker. It's kinda ugly.


8M ago


Sorry for the late reply. Vacation kinda had me! xD

That's actually damn cool that they are still playing XcX =) A game I really have to get back to and seems sooner than later.