Back before The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launched, Nintendo shared a number of commercials that featured both gameplay and live-action footage. All of them were entertaining, but none captured the attention of the internet at large like the spot above.

Doing a quick search on Google for ‘Zelda viral commercial’ or ‘Tears of the Kingdom emotional’ will bring up not just the commercial above, but headline after headline about the spot. While Nintendo probably wasn’t expecting it, their unique approach with the slice-of-life spot resonated with people worldwide.

Many people found the commercial to be deeply sad or depressing, while others found it to be a little too close to real-life. Soon after the spot released, we even found out it was inspired by a real-life review left on Amazon Japan for Breath of the Wild. With all that attention on the commercial, it’s no surprise to see Nintendo return to the idea for a continuation.

Now we can’t say for sure that Nintendo wanted to cash in on the popularity of the first advert with a follow-up. For all we know, these commercials could have been filmed in the same day. Whatever the case may be, it’s still nice to get another glimpse into this Zelda fan’s day-to-day life.

We don’t want to spoil what happens in this second commercial, but let’s just say everyone who felt saddened by the first should come away quite a bit happier this time.

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9M ago

To anyone thinking the ball-and-chain from Twilight Princess was missing in Tears of the Kingdom (and didn’t just build one themselves), here ya go! Heyyoooooo *rimshot*.

But seriously, this ad is actually reminding us that behind every Link is a smarter and stronger Zelda

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9M ago


Lol. Well said joeshabadoo!