As Nintendo revealed just a few hours back, they’ll be bringing online services for the Wii U and 3DS to an end sometime in April 2024. That means you won’t be able to play your favorite Wii U or 3DS games online, and in the case of Nintendo Badge Arcade, your interactions with the title will become much more limited.

Nintendo has shared a complete breakdown of what will happen to Nintendo Badge Arcade when online service for the 3DS is discontinued. You can read their complete notes on what’s to come below.

In conjunction with the discontinuation of online services for Nintendo 3DS software, service for all features of Nintendo Badge Arcade will also end. Prior to the end of services in early April 2024, please have a look at the points below.

After service ends, Nintendo Badge Arcade will display an error screen when launched.

If Nintendo Badge Arcade is launched after service ends, an error screen will be displayed and it will not be possible to use the software. As a result, the Practice Catcher will no longer be available.

It will no longer be possible to place badges in the badge box.

Once service ends, badges obtained in Nintendo Badge Arcade will continue to be available for decorating the Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu. However, it will no longer be possible to place badges in the badge box, meaning that users will only have access to a maximum of 100 categories and 1,000 badges that are in the badge box. We recommend that users finish placing badges before the end of services for this software.

Please note that badge data for decorating the HOME Menu will be saved as additional data to the SD card. If data is lost due to the SD card malfunctioning or some other reason, it will not be possible to restore badge data after the end of services in early April 2024. Therefore, we also recommend that users back up their SD card in preparation against unlikely events.

You can prepare multiple SD cards and save different data to each of them.

You cannot combine data from multiple SD cards into a single one later.

We sincerely thank Nintendo Badge Arcade users for supporting the software for so long and apologize for any inconvenience.

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