DINOBREAK launches on Switch today

Help solve this dino crisis!

04 October 2023
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The roars of fans around the world have now been heard as DINOBREAK from Dead Drop Studios unleashes ferocious survival horror action on Switch today! This fresh, action-packed take on classic games like Dino Crisis and Silent Hill includes a scale-raising story, accessible difficulty choices, three swappable camera views (fixed, third-person, and first-person), optional two player local co-op play, heaps of secrets, and a bonus arcade mode!

Take control of Lydia as you step into a new crisis threatening the city of Cypress Ridge. While you seek refuge, you can choose to sneak by the many dinosaur eggs in your path, or you can hatch ‘em and blast ‘em with an expansive repertoire of weapons! Be careful; you need to carefully manage your ammo and resources to make it out alive! A happy trigger finger won’t be enough, either, as many puzzles and perilous scenarios impair your escape! You need to be swift on your feet to survive; after enough time has passed, the dinosaur eggs hatch and history’s most voracious creatures are out to feed!

Thankfully, you can experience the DINOBREAK adventure your way! Freely change between third-person, first-person, and fixed camera views to best suit your style! Enable optional tank controls for a more retro feel! Wreak havoc on assisted and easy difficulties if it’s your first time playing a survival horror game, or buckle up on hard and primal difficulties if you’re seeking a lethal challenge. Optional local two player co-op functionality allows you to play the full game with a friend, and unlockable modifiers can give you an advantage with explosive ammo cheats and more!

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