Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue gets a fresh trailer

You're not getting away from this trailer

04 October 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Aksys Games and Dreamloop Games announced previously that the upcoming social thriller, Inescapable: No Rules, No Escape, will launch on October 19th, 2023 for Switch. Developed by Dreamloop, Inescapable is a narrative adventure set at a tropical island resort: you’ve been kidnapped and forced to participate in a twisted reality TV show with 10 strangers. At the end of their stay, they’ll each receive $500,000… If they survive. A new trailer reveals just some of the intrigue that awaits in Inescapable: No Rules, No Escape.

On the island, there are no rules or laws for the contestants to follow. Their only imperatives are to survive and to entertain the depraved audience of the Dark Web TV show on which they find themselves. The story explores human nature and how far people will go for social clout, wealth, and their own desires—and how much farther they might be willing to go when they have permission to ignore the rules.

The actions players take will affect more than just the ending in Inescapable: No Rules, No Escape. You serve as Harrison’s moral compass, so your choices and behavior alter which side of other characters you experience, which in turn changes large portions of the story, the reality show itself, and even the very game mechanics you encounter. Will your choices lead to Lord of the Flies—total anarchy? Or will it be akin to Love Island—romance options and all? Or something else entirely?

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8M ago

The way all the characters pop up at the 10 second mark practically screams Danganronpa.

I completely forgot to preorder this game, so thanks for the reminder!