I think it’s fair to say that the vast majority of mainline Mario games aren’t that difficult. The bulk of the journeys are smooth-sailing, but there are a few blips where the challenge is cranked up a bit. Of course, that difficulty is dialed up to 11 for those who aim to 100% complete the game, as the most intense and demanding courses are always hidden behind a number of checks and unlocks.

Want to know how difficult Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be? Nintendo isn’t willing to say outright, but Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s producer and director both admit to having trouble hitting the 100% completion mark. If the game’s own creators are struggling, signs are good for a formidable challenge for the average player.

In an interview with Game Informer, producer Takashi Tezuka opened up on the challenge of Super Mario Bros. Wonder when compared to previous outings, and it seems like Tezuka faced some struggles along the way.

“Up until now, I have completed pretty much every single Mario game that I’ve worked on. But for this one, I did have to have help with two courses. All the rest, I did myself.”

[Producer Takashi Tezuka]

We can expect some of that challenge to come from Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s boss battles. You might think you know what to expect from a boss battle in a 2D Mario game, but according to director Shiro Mouri, the devs have gone out of their way to include unique wrinkles and twists.

“Right off the bat, we felt that the boss battles themselves also needed some kind of new coat of paint. When I was considering what kind of boss battle experiences would fit this title, I came to the conclusion that they would have to be using the powers of Wonder. This is stepping into spoiler territory, so I’m not able to share much, but just expect a lot of Wonder-induced attacks.”

[director Shiro Mouri ]

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8M ago

Everytime I read something new about this game my hype somehow doubles. I need it now

Truly unfettered creativity in 2D mario boss battles is something we haven’t seen in forever, maybe even EVER depending upon your opinion of the bosses in 6 Golden Coins, SMW, and Yoshi’s Island

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I was thinking the same thing. 2D Mario bosses are usually pretty mediocre and not particularly memorable, so I'm super excited at the prospect of them really shaking them up for the first time.