Gang Beasts has been updated to Ver. 1.21. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • New languages! We now support Japanese, Korean, Chinese (simplified) and Chinese (traditional).
  • New Menu font to improve legibility.
  • Tweaked buoyancy physics across all stages that use buoyancy.
  • Improved Tentacles AI on the Aquarium stage. (Nintendo Switch) Resolved the issue where players would be kicked back to the main menu when their controller disconnected.
  • Addressed the problem of players being randomly kicked from local games.
  • Fixed matchmaking in Gang Mode.
  • Corrected left and right grabs when interacting with objects.
  • Improved stage lighting across all stages.
  • Enhanced football physics to prevent clipping into the ground.
  • Adjusted ball deflation rates in football mode.
  • Updated joints in the stage to AutoJointV2 for improved stability.


  • Made various improvements to costume physics.
  • Fixed the Beanie to function properly.
  • Resolved the collider issue with the Life Vest.
  • Fixed collision problems with the Deep Sea Helmet.


  • Enhanced escalation mechanics in the Aquarium stage.
  • Stability updates to Vents.
  • Increased stability of bricks on Girder.
  • Stability updates to Roof.
  • Improved Glass Fracture on Roof.
  • Made improvements to ice breaking on Buoy.
  • Improved Stability to Fence objects on Wheel.
  • Added water to Containers.
  • Stability updates on Subway.
  • Stabilized the antenna on Buoy to reduce excessive shaking of characters and camera.


  • Fixed numerous issues that prevented players from joining their friends. (Xbox & Windows) Resolved the issue where the game would break when the 8th player was added.
  • (Nintendo Switch) Players no longer get stuck when cancelling the prompt to link their Nintendo Account.

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