There’s going to be a whole new way to experience The Super Mario Bros. Movie in Japan, and it’s one that fans around the world will no doubt be jealous of.

Toho Towa has announced a 4D version of The Super Mario Bros Movie is hitting select theaters in Japan October 13-19, 2023, and those who book their tickets will get to take home a special Super Mario Bros Plumbing logo clear file as well. This information was announced via a video message from Mamoru Miyano, the Japanese voice of Mario.

4DX is a 4D film presentation system that allows movies to be augmented with various practical effects, including motion-seats, wind, strobe-lights, simulated-snow, and scents. The specifics on how The Super Mario Bros. Movie will put the 4DX system to use have not been shared.

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9M ago

It sounds kind of like the Super Mario Bros. Movie if it was a bit like Capatin EO.