For being such a spooky and gruesome series, Capcom has shared some rather cutesy Resident Evil merch over the years. It looks like fans really like the juxtaposition between the franchise’s horror nature and its cuddly merch, as another huggable product is on the way.

Capcom has revealed Capcorom plushes of Ada Wong and Claire Redfield, and they’re launching in Japan October 6th, 2023. For those who don’t know, Capcorom plushes are a series of Capcom dolls that take on a cute, round style. Each one is priced at roughly $7.50, and unfortunately, there’s no word on a worldwide release at this time.

Anyone looking to snag one of these unique plushes will have to travel to the Tokyo, Osaka, and Café Umeda Capcom stores in Japan. These same plushes will also be available via the Capcom net catcher online crane machine.

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