My Little Universe, the cozy worldbuilding sandbox adventure with more than 30 million mobile downloads from developer Estoty and publisher SayGames, travels across devices and galaxies when it arrives today on Switch.

Explore a colorful cosmos, full of mysteries scattered across nine unique worlds. Wield the mighty pickaxe and an array of instruments to transform the tiny tiles that occupy each planet, into colossal continents. Traverse the lush lands and unearth the promise of wealth that awaits brave adventurers. Discover all the secrets of the universe alone, or alongside friends.

Gather more than 70 natural resources by mining ore, chopping down trees, and harvesting other materials to terraform hexes of terrain into bountiful regions. Expand the expedition by searching grottos and underwater caverns for extra supplies, and solve puzzles to unlock hidden treasures. Use hard-earned coins and earthly goods to upgrade tools and armor for added strength and speed.

The courageous campaign may attract attention from the natural inhabitants eager to put a halt to this wholesome journey. Prepare for battle against an adorable cast of enemies including cretaceous crabs, gingerbread people, one-eyed ogres, mushroom men, and more. Form a squad with up to three friends to triumphantly takedown any opponents or obstacles. Brave the unknown while simultaneously crafting an empire on this intergalactic odyssey.

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