Scarlet Moon has released the soundtrack to Wargroove 2 composed by Dale North. Featuring 31 tracks that are as eclectic as the game’s stylish commanders, the score is available digitally and on streaming platforms immediately with a limited edition vinyl release coming soon from Ship to Shore PhonoCo. Scarlet Moon was honored to team up with the creative team at Chucklefish and Robotality to bring this soundtrack to life and make it available on launch day.

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“Of every type of game music out there, music for strategy games has always interested me most,” reflects North. “They’re one of the few kinds of games that can have you thinking about a faction or a whole nation one minute, and then about a single unnamed unit the next. And somehow the music is supposed to underscore this wild range the entire time. Wargroove 2 was especially rewarding in this way with its varied worlds, lively cast, and huge range of character types. I wanted to write a soundtrack that anchored the world but also spoke to the wide variety of commanders, emotions, and situations. And I also wanted to make it groovy. It ended up being such a rewarding challenge and I’ll always be grateful to Robotality and Chucklefish for the opportunity. I truly hope you enjoy this game and its soundtrack!”

Wargroove is back! Embark on an all-new adventure, filled with unlikely friendships, unknown adversaries, and ugly revenge plots. Wage war against foes with a cast of new Commanders and utilize their new tiered “groove” ability system to sway the fight. Design and share maps, cutscenes, and campaigns with easy-to-use editors and in-depth customization tools. Wargroove 2 is available on Nintendo Switch.

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