A new trailer has been released for The Gecko Gods, and it confirms two bits of information. First up, this Switch title will now also see release on PS4/PS5. Unfortunately, this addition of platforms also comes with a delay, as the game will no longer see release in 2023. All we know for now is that the title won’t debut until sometime in 2024.

Explore a mysterious island in The Gecko Gods, an immersive, relaxing exploration-adventure game where you play as a tiny lil gecko! Complete ancient puzzles, effortlessly climb cliffs and eat bugs as you make your way across an island civilization lost to time.

Climb anything, solve ancient contraptions and clamber through the crumbling ruins of a collapsed society - all as a little lizard on a mission to save their friend. Unique, immersive gameplay where you fully take control of a lizard! Climb walls, cliffs, and ceilings to explore an ancient world.

As well as investigating a wide open island full of secrets and collectibles, dive into ancient tombs to complete the puzzles within in ways only a wall-climbing lizard can. With smooth actions, a gorgeous original soundtrack, and combat-light gameplay, The Gecko Gods is an atmospheric, wholesome adventure

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