There’s a never-ending flood of Kirby merch lineup up for Japan, and Nintendo just keeps adding to the deluge. The latest round of goodies is set to arrive through a collaboration with FamilyMart, and it includes a slew of snacks, merch and more.

Those who stop by a FamilyMart location in the near future will be able to try all kinds of delectable Kirby treats. The lineup includes a fluffy apple-flavored jelly drink, fluffy pink apple bread, Invincibility Candy-themed roll cake, and the Maxim Tomato-inspired BLT sandwich.

On the merchandise side of things, customers who purchase three eligible food items will get a bonus piece of merch. If the purchase is made prior to October 10th, customers will take home an A4 clear file. Anyone who cashes in on this deal after Oct. 10th will get a Kirby sticker.


Last but not least, FamilyMart is running two Kirby-related lotteries, which give customers the chance to win one of the multitude of items seen above. The lineup of goodies includes towels, dishrags, plushes and so much more, and you can see a complete breakdown of everything up for grabs in the image above.

If you’d like to get a closer look at any of the items in this FamilyMart promotion, you can find an extensive gallery here.

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