Sonic Superstars is coming to Switch on Oct. 17th, 2023, and it brings with it a wide class of characters. All of Sonic’s usual friends and foes are here, but the game also includes one character that some fans might not be familiar with; Fang the Hunter.

Cybershell, a content creator known for making videos about Sonic the Hedgehog, has been commissioned by SEGA themselves in order to inform fans on who Fang is and what he’s all about. If you need some insight into this jerboa (hopping desert rodents), this video is the perfect place to turn.

Fang the Hunter, alternatively known as Fang the Sniper, Nack the Weasel or Jet the Jerboa, is a supporting antagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, most notably appearing as a major antagonist in Sonic Triple Trouble and the secondary antagonist of Sonic Superstars. He is a mysterious bounty hunter from an alternate dimension known as subspace, as well as the leader of the Hooligans.

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