Final Fantasy VII is easily one of the most important entries in the entire franchise, if not the most important one. This was the installment in the long-running series that helped it break through outside of Japan, and now the franchise is world-renown.

Final Fantasy VII clicked with gamers all over the world, but it took the dev team quite a bit of time to figure out how to bring the experience together. In a new interview with FFVII writer/director Yoshinori Kitase, we get to hear more about the struggles and challenges the staff faced when conceiving such a different type of Final Fantasy game.

  • FFVII’s modern setting was due to the team feeling the limits of what they could do with fantasy
  • Kitase says that fans also seemed tired of fantasy settings according to the fan mail they sent
  • the team considered an idea based around police organizations, which got them thinking
  • this led the team to settle on a city setting an a company for the antagonist
  • the team had to figure out why Cloud and the others were fighting against Shinra
  • the team also struggled with making the conflict seem justified on the protagonists’ end
  • the team also had trouble balancing Shinra employees
  • employees had to be evil enough that it doesn’t feel bad emotionally or mentally to beat them
  • it would also be unrealistic for a company Shinra’s size to only have evil employees

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