Yes, the Konami Code will be in Contra: Operation Galuga

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06 October 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Contra: Operation Galuga is the next installment in the long-running Contra series, and it’s coming to Switch sometime in early 2024. This time around, Konami is teaming up with WayForward once again to bring us more Contra action, with the duo first pairing to create Contra 4 on the DS back in 2007.

Contra: Operation Galuga looks to be a combination of old and new elements, making for what should be a fresh experience. While it’s always nice to know new things are coming, when it comes to a long-running franchise like Contra, fans think certain elements are necessary to retain. The good news is that one very important aspect will indeed be included in Contra: Operation Galuga.

In an interview with GameXplain, WayForward’s Contra: Operation Galuga’s Director Tomm Hulett confirmed that the Konami Code will indeed be a part of Contra: Operation Galuga. Unfortunately, Hulett wasn’t willing to share details on what the code will do. If the implementation in Contra 4 is evidence of anything, expect the Konami Code to do something more than just offer up a few more lives.

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