The Star Fox franchise is a well known one to Nintendo fans, but it’s not the biggest in terms of sales. Nintendo has tried a few times to bring Star Fox into the greater consciousness, but it just can’t crack through. Whether it’s a mainline entry or spin-off, Star Fox still woos in its loyal fans, but it hasn’t had the major breakthrough moment yet.

One of the attempts at getting more people familiar with the Star Fox franchise was Star Fox Adventures, the 2002 GameCube title from RARE. There were a few sections that included somewhat traditional Star Fox gameplay, but by and large, the game was a Zelda-like experience with a Star Fox skin.

While the game wasn’t a failure by any means, it didn’t exactly light the charts ablaze. While many have tried to figure out why that is, original Star Fox dev Dylan Cuthbert thinks he has an answer. In an interview with VGC, Cuthbert says the game may have been a bit too British for its own good.

“And then, of course, the one that Rare made, Star Fox Adventures, that was also a good attempt but that was too British, it didn’t have the Starblade side of it. So I think Star Fox is a very complex title, because you’ve got to have all those elements in place, and that gives it the atmosphere it needs to make it really work.”

[Dylan Cuthbert]

What exactly does Cuthbert mean when he says ‘too British’? We’re thinking he’s talking about design sensibilities and elements of that sort, rather than anything about British people or their style. Whatever the case may be, it seems the British approach worked for games like Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark, so it makes you wonder why Star Fox didn’t do better with that mindset.


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8M ago

I wouldn't say Adventures was too British for its own good. I loved Xenoblade Chronicles for example. The problem with Adventures was it was barely a Star Fox game.

If you put Adventures up against Zelda's crown jewel at the time, most people would default to preferring Ocarina of Time and people preferring Star Fox just went back to Star Fox 64 to get (or re-get) their fix.

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giancarlo thomaz senoni

8M ago

Star Fox Adventure is not british, is a Legend of Zelda with furries