Get a look at Nintendo's booth at PAX AUS 2023

The big N at the big show

06 October 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

PAX Australia 2023 is officially underway, with today being the opening day. Fans have the chance to attend PAX Australia 2023 all weekend long, and for the Nintendo faithful, there’s a whole big booth to explore.

While thousands will no doubt flock to PAX Australia 2023 to get in on the Nintendo fun, most of us won’t be able to attend. While going hands-on with the latest Nintendo games and exploring the booth in person is the ultimate way to get in on the action, at least we can live vicariously through show-goers by checking out some pictures.

If you’d like to virtually snoop around Nintendo’s PAX Australia 2023 booth, you can find a gallery of photos here. Not surprisingly, Nintendo has decked out the place in Super Mario Bros. Wonder trappings, so get ready for Mario overload.

The gallery also throws in some pictures from SEGA’s booth as well, which is hosting a massive LEGO Sonic and plenty of Sonic Superstars imagery.


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