The award-winning Dave the Diver is making its way to Switch on October 26th, 2023, but the game is out right now on PC. Those PC players can look forward to a major update hitting the game sometime this month, and it’s been confirmed the Switch version will launch with this very same update.

The devs behind Dave the Diver shared a look at what’s coming in the game’s October content drop, and we’ve got the complete breakdown for you.

  • New Missions
  • Crab Traps
  • New Night Species
  • Auto Farming
  • New Event Boss
  • New VIP Customer

Give the video a watch to get a much more detailed look at all of this new content, or check out the patch notes below.

1) New Story - Sub Missions

New sub missions have been added to late-game regions, which were previously focused on the main story.

2) Lobsters & Crab Traps

New crabs and lobsters have been introduced along with the system called ‘Crab Traps’, which are used for catching them.

You can set up crab traps and wait to capture crabs, lobsters, and etc.

A new “Lobster Party” event, featuring new species, have been added.

3) Auto Farming

Hire MC Sammy to help with chores in the farm.

New devices for storing eggs and feeding chickens have been added.

4) New Event Boss

A new boss will appear when ALL Marinca cards have been collected.

5) New Special Customer - Wandering Merchant

New special customer ‘Wandering Merchant’ will visit Bancho Sushi.

Serve him a special dish and he’ll occasionally return to sell various items, including new ingredients.

6) New Night Species

To address the issue of many daytime fish species being prevalent during night dives, we are introducing new exclusive fish species that can only be found at night.

7) Additional Contents

Seed upgrade is now available at Kazhin’s seed shop.

An ‘Operator’ has been added to your contacts. Contact the operator to enter promotion codes, check your fortune, and review your dive information.

A new ‘Nocturnal’ category has been added to the Marinca. Species that only appear at night will be moved to this category.

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