Eternal Darkness is one of those games that left a lasting impression on those who played it, but unfortunately, that doesn’t include many people. From the game’s approach to horror to its sanity meter mechanic, Eternal Darkness was not only a fantastic experience, but one ahead of its time. To this very day, the game is looked back on as a major step forward in the horror genre, and it continues to influence developers to this day.

While Eternal Darkness didn’t sell all that well, those who gave the game a go have been clamoring for a sequel ever since. That’s 20+ years of people holding on to hope, constantly pleading and begging for a follow-up. That’s why it stings so much to learn that at one point, a sequel was being considered.

In an interview with Time Extension, Eternal Darkness lead designer Ted Traver was asked about rumors of there being a sequel in the works. Traver confirms that there were indeed plans to create a successor, but sadly, that discussion didn’t go too far.

“Yes, just as Too Human prototypes were being worked on during the development of Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. Development can occur on many levels. It was mostly talk and a few corporate overviews for tendering to Nintendo. It didn’t go any further than that as far as my recollection.”

[Ted Traver, lead designer]

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8M ago

Ah man, stories like this are torture, cause it will probably never happen now! That said, I’d take a remake/remaster of the original! 🤞