Update version 1.0.7 for Doomsday Hunters is now available. You can check the full patch notes below:

  • Since the last update you’re getting more meta currency if playing on higher difficulty universes (5 and 6), so we added the text saying exactly how much you’re getting.
  • Slightly increased difficulty on final Boss: Mega Draculing.
  • Slightly increased difficulty on Hell biome (replaced weaker monsters by their stronger versions). Possibly needs some more adjustment, we’ll keep an eye on a feedback, reason being: players are usually quite overpowered when reaching this late stage and it’s hard to keep things challenging without being unfair.
  • Changed some parameters on final (6th) Universe, this should probably make it harder: We reduced amount of enemies but powered them up.
  • Fixed some Relics
  • (Hopefully) Restored broken “Doom Minigame”, you now have a chance to find it in the Desert biome.
  • Fixed Meta Progression perks which didn’t activate unless you manually visit Meta Upgrades gadget in the hub. (Shroom effects, extra inventory space)
  • (EXPERIMENTAL) Killing enemies no longer destroys all enemy projectiles.
    This was one of a major changes we made for 1.0, however it made the game significantly easier and maybe sometimes even trivial. So we’re rolling back this change for now to see the feedback.

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