My Time at Sandrock 'Gameplay Overview' trailer

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09 October 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Today, Focus Entertainment and Pathea Games released a new trailer for My Time at Sandrock, the much-anticipated follow-up to the award-winning sandbox simulation RPG My Time at Portia. Sandrock is a fascinating little city nestled deep within the Wild West. Ravaged years ago, it is now up to you, your tools and your Builder’s skills to restore Sandrock to its former glory.

Your experience will be as adventurous as it will be wholesome. When you are not searching for mysteries and hidden treasures on a galloping horse, use all the resources you’ve found to vigorously reconstruct the city and cultivate its land. Build and customize your headquarters and city buildings, craft and upgrade modern tools and machinery, revive farming and ranching, and fix damaged Sandrock technologies. Discover, buy or unlock new designs to always expand your builder’s crafting book and prove yourself by earning the most enviable title of all: Builder of the Month!

Explore the lives of a huge cast of characters who inhabit the town, each with their own story to tell. Help them all with their personal hopes and desires as well as embarking on your quest to save their home from bandits, monsters, and anything else the Eufaula Desert can throw at you.

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