Pokémon Co. has been cranking out all sorts of interesting animated and live-action features in recent months, and they’re keeping that momentum going with a brand-new web series that’s just made its Japanese debut.

Starting today, Pokémon Co. has premiered a web series called Camping Trip with Pokémon. This series features a man going on a camping trip alongside various Pokémon. This man also has a love of cooking, so there are all kinds of tasty treats shown during the series as well.

In this first episode, Charmeleon watches towards the garden as a wild Sprigatito comes near. While that’s going on, Jan Rao Dao of the Chinese cooking YouTube channel Nisshokuki makes several kinds of sweets, including a cake made from Muskat Grape. This cake just so happens to lure Sprigatito closer to the rest of the Pokémon, as they can’t resist the treat!

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