You never know what game is going to capture the imagination of people around the world. Sometimes it’s the latest and greatest from Nintendo, like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom or Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and other times it’s a completely random release like Flappy Bird.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen one Switch game in Japan dominating the charts and garnering all kinds of attention, and it’s very much on the ‘random’ side of the scale. The game, called Suika Game, is close to something like the hit 2048, but instead of combining numbers you’re merging fruit. Things will make a lot more sense if you watch the quick gameplay video above.

For whatever reason, Suika Game has taken off in not just Japan, but the world at large. While the game is only available on the Switch eShop, plenty of people are creating Japanese Switch accounts in order to grab the game. The title is popping up everywhere online, including YouTube, TikTok, X and more, enjoying word-of-mouth popularity akin to what Among Us saw when it started to catch on. This has led to the title already amassing 1 million units sold.

Big-name streamers and YouTubers are hopping on the game as well, as they know there’s all kinds of buzz surrounding it. This has led to numerous 3 or 4-hour streams with notable entertainment personalities playing the game non-stop. In my personal time, I happened to see a bar full of people who were screaming and cheering about the game, which was being played on the main TV at the bar. When a bar TV is showing Suika Game instead of anything sports related, you know something big is going on!

There’s no word yet on a localization for Suika Game, but you’d have to imagine one is in the works with the game’s explosion in popularity. For now though, if you want to give the game a go, you’ll have to put together a Japanese Switch eShop account and add in some cash.

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7M ago

There’s something borderline insidious about how perfect the sound effects are when you drop the fruit down and when fruit merge together… I can here it in my head as I write this, calling to me