Square Enix has once again taken to X to share a neat tidbit about Crisis Core: FFVII Reunion. The team behind the game has been sharing various behind-the-scenes notes and anecdotes ever since the title released on Switch, and the latest reveal pertains to how SOLDIERs in the game are recruited.

Square Enix says that there are two main routes to recruit SOLDIERs for the Shinra Electric Power Company; a public exam and a written exam. Both Zack and Cloud took the public exam, but it turns out that part of the recruitment isn’t all that important.

It appears anyone can become a SOLDIER for Shinra, so long as they can survive the physical fitness test. Those trying to get a SOLDIER position have to have enough mental and physical strength to withstand being injected with Mako, so if you survive that process, Shinra will pretty much guarantee you a spot no matter how the written exam goes.

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