The pressure for Retro was on when they set out to create Metroid Prime. Nintendo had given Retro the go-ahead to complete reimagine what Metroid could be from a gameplay and visual perspective, and that’s no easy task at all. That pressure was compounded by the fact that Nintendo hadn’t released a new Metroid game since 1994, so expectations for Samus’ return were sky-high.

How did Retro ready themselves to create Metroid Prime? They sat down to examine every single facet of Super Metroid, of course! In the KIWI TALKZ video above, we get to hear from multiple former Retro devs as they share thoughts on all things Super Metroid. Not surprisingly, the game left an absolutely huge impression on Retro at the time, and they knew they had a ton to live up to.

Metroid Prime, just like Super Metroid before it, remains one of the most notable achievements in Nintendo’s history. It shows the incredible evolution that’s possible for a franchise when the developers truly understand what makes a series work. Prime’s achievement couldn’t have been possible without the design wisdom that Super Metroid imparted, only further cementing it as one of the industry’s finest.

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