Pokémon Co. has released a number of different plush dolls in their ‘Dreams’ series, which features various Pokémon enjoying a nice, long nap. If your favorite Pokémon hasn’t gotten the Dreams treatment yet, maybe today’s your lucky day.

The Pokémon Center website has added 4 new additions to the Dreams line as of today, and believe it or not, one of them has already sold out. Available right now are Slowpoke, Chikorita and Pikachu, and each one is priced at $30. There was also a Cubone option, but that sold out instantly.

Tuckered out after a long day of battles and cuteness, these Pokémon are ready to catch some z’s! Dozing on their backs with a relaxed expression, each plush is made of a soft material with a squishy filling, perfect for snuggling up with. You can check out the latest Pokémon in the Dreams lineup here.

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