Back in 2017, the entire world was enthralled with Pokémon GO. People were hitting the streets in droves to catch a Pokemon and battle other trainers for supremacy. There’s no doubt some of you were out there in the thick of it having the time of your life, and it turns out two on-duty police officers were doing the same.

Two Los Angeles Police Department officers spent quite a bit of time in their patrol car playing Pokémon GO, traveling down various streets to chase after Pokémon like Snorlax and Togetic. Not only did they ignore radio requests for backup for a robbery in progress, they also broke multiple road laws while on the Pokémon hunt.

You might recall this story being shared years ago, but new evidence has just surfaced today in the form of dashcam footage from the patrol car. Now we can see exactly what the two officers were doing while in pursuit of a Pokémon, rather than the active robbers. You can watch a five-minute highlight real of the officers’ antics at 404Media.

While it’s abhorrent that the officers completely ignored calls for backup, it’s made even worse that the robbery was in progress at a local mall they were right next to where they were stationed at the time. You can even hear the officers scoff at the request, say to each other that they don’t want to get involved, and then go on chasing after/chatting about Pokémon GO.

At the end of the video, higher-in-command officer Jose Gomez follows up with the two officers to see why they didn’t respond to radio requests for help. It was obvious to Gomez that something was up, and his line of questioning started an investigation that eventually led to the termination of the two cops.

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9M ago

Pokemon GO to JAIL 😡