For the 10th anniversary of Bravely Default, Square Enix put together all kinds of celebrations. There was a developer live-stream, a ton of merch, an art exhibit, a vinyl album release and so much more. There was even a tease of a remaster sometime down the line, but we’re still waiting for more details on that.

For the 11th anniversary of Bravely Default, Square Enix has shared a special piece of art created by team designer Okawara. The artwork features two of the game’s main characters, Edea Lee and Ringabel, sitting back to back. If you click the artwork above, you can grab the full-res version to use as you see fit.

Finally, this artwork was also posted alongside a special message on the game. The Google translation says that the “preparation period will continue for a while,” but specifics on what that means weren’t shared. You’d have to think this comment is in relation to those remaster talks, but only time will tell.

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8M ago

I'm glad Square Enix is still appreciating this game. To me, all the things I love about Final Fantasy drained out of that series and migrated over to this one.