New trailer shared for LUCID, game bumped to 2025

Is this a dream or real life?

11 October 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

We already new that LUCID was in the works for Switch, and last we heard the game was coming out sometime in 2024. Today brings us a new trailer showcasing how the game is coming along, but we also got a note on the game’s release. Unfortunately, we’ll now have to wait until sometime in 2025 to play the title on Switch. Please note that all console versions of the game have been bumped to 2025, so this is not a Switch-specific situation.

The Great Fall has sent the world of Aeydn into a state of dissonance. The Celestial Serpent, Troika has unexpectedly struck the towering Crystal Giant, shattering its heart into shards strewn across the land. Rebuild the Giant’s heart and restore harmony as Oenn in a pixel art precision platforming love letter to the 16-bit era that is as fresh as it is nostalgic, with an original soundtrack featuring multiple tracks by the legendary composer David Wise (Donkey Kong Country, Super Smash Bros. Melee).

Traverse an interconnected open world bursting with color. Uncover mysteries across the glimmering Crystal Caverns, descend into the depths of Welltown, and forge a path through the snow-covered Onyx Ridge. Jump, dash and slash through obstacles, and chain together maneuvers to reach hidden pathways between worlds full of treasures and secrets.

Enter a flow-state with tight controls, fluid movement mechanics, and Crystal Arts that both enhance combat and extend movement. Unleash the Crystal Axe for heavy-hitting attacks, or close the gap against far away enemies with an aerial-dash. Focus on a pair of abilities, or hot-swap Crystal Arts on the fly to open up Oenn’s full arsenal.

Craft a custom playstyle by equipping stat-altering Talismans, and upgrade abilities across an expansive skill tree for the perfect bespoke build. Transform special moves into full-blown superpowers by anointing Oenn’s abilities with bonus effects, and utilize every skill gained against epic beasts in skill-testing boss battles.

Encounter a vibrant cast of characters who seek Oenn’s aid. Speak to local villagers for guidance, bond with the last remaining Sentinels in the Petrified Forest, and restore hope to the downtrodden folk of Beacon City.

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