Terra Alia now available on Switch

A language-discovery RPG

11 October 2023
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Terra Alia: The Language Discovery RPG, the mysterious and magical language-discovery RPG developed by 30 Parallel and publisher Boombox Games, embarks on a journey through a magical land today on Nintendo Switch.

In the world of Terra Alia, sorcery and technology go hand in hand. Yet some would prefer magic to stay in the hands of a select few. Study at one of the most prestigious magical academies under the tutelage of Professor Esperanto, a woman fighting for equal access to magic.

As she mysteriously vanishes, all that remains is her trusty battle-programmed robot falcon Falco and a piece of an enchanted stone with an encoded message. Embark on an adventure to retrieve the five remaining pieces of the stone to rescue the Professor.

Choose a native tongue and cast powerful spells against enemies in dynamic turn-based combat. Upgrade spells and harness new abilities while also taking on enthralling side stories, conquering perplexing puzzles, and battling foes ranging from angry students to divine deities and corrupt robots.

Become a master linguist by watching the adventure unfold across 10 different languages including American English, French, Italian, German, Spanish - Spain, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. Complete the story in one language within 6-8 hours or see how Professor Esperanto’s search ends across all 10 languages in 50-60 hours of gameplay.

Follow five underprivileged teens on a quest courtesy of a 24-page comic from award-winning author Sylvain Runberg (best-known for his adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series read by more than a million avid comic readers). Launching later this year, witness the story expand beyond the disappearance of Professor Esperanto and into new corners of the world..

Terra Alia: The Language Discovery RPG launches today on Nintendo Switch for $14.99 USD.

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