To what lengths will COMMITMENT drive you? Delve into the dark corners of The Oni and Feng Min’s memories. Uncover a new Chapter of the House of Arkham saga. Tome 17: COMMITMENT is here. Progress through the Rift to unlock Cosmetics and Charms. Test your abilities by completing brand new gameplay Challenges. It’s all waiting in The Archives.

The dark taint of dishonour seeps into the soil. Before he was The Oni, he was Kazan Yamaoka, a fearsome warrior of unmatched brutality. And what happens when the game is over? For Feng Min, caught between competitive e-sports and familial responsibilities, the answer is shrouded in haze. Finally, continue the saga of the House of Arkham, plunging ever deeper into the strange and magnificent horrors of the unknown.

Whether Killer or Survivor, all are The Entity’s playthings. Tome 17: COMMITMENT takes a mischievous turn into a truly terrifying toy chest. Open it to find a disturbing Daruma doll, a stylish toy collector, a trusty game shop employee, a competitive e-sports icon, and an unsettling amalgamation of forgotten playthings.

Progress through the Premium Rift Track to unlock Outfits for The Oni, Feng Min, Adam Francis, Dwight Fairfield, The Dredge, and The Clown. Continue into the Deep Rift to unlock Rift-exclusive rewards for all who progress beyond Tier 70.

Those who traverse the Free Track will be rewarded with a total of 500K Bloodpoints, which ensures that every Tier will earn players a new reward. In addition, the Free Track also yields unlockable Cosmetics for Claudette Morel, Ace Visconti, Yun-Jin Lee, and The Hillbilly.

Complete Challenges to progress further in the Tome and its associated Rift. Tomes are separated into several Levels, each containing a new layout for the Auris Web with more challenges, lore entries, Bloodpoints, and Rift Fragments.

Try your hand at mastering The Oni, Feng Min and their respective Perks with character-specific gameplay Challenges.

An Anti-face-camping system. A Skull Merchant rework. Updates to The Trapper, The Huntress, The Trickster, The Deathslinger, and The Legion. Changes to The Shattered Square and the Macmillan Estate. Perk balance adjustments.

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