Trombone Champ has been updated to Ver. 1.22A. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New Content

  • Added two new tracks: “House of the Rising Sun” and “Hino Nacional Brasiliero!”
  • Added support for Brazilian Portuguese! If you’ve manually selected a language in the settings menu, you’ll need to change to Portuguese manually. Otherwise, the game should automatically open in Brazilian Portuguese if that’s what your Nintendo Switch™ is using.
  • If you’ve beaten the game, you should now see the Trombone Workshop, which lets you customize your trombone, in the character select screen.


  • Added the ability to adjust smoothing for every control type. You may find the experience a bit smoother with some smoothing! We’re planning to add even more control options and improvements in future updates.


  • Cards should now display with the correct holographic border.
  • Characters should now appear in Free Improvisation mode.
  • The transition from the closing credits to the homescreen should display as intended.
  • Other very minor tweaks and bugfixes, mostly aimed at preventing janky animations if users mash buttons as quickly as possible.

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