MythForce has been updated to Ver. Check out the patch notes for this update below.

Energy Economy

Many players report finding the Energy economy difficult and are becoming exhausted too quickly. We’ve increased the starting pool of Energy for each character by 50 EP, and we’ve increased the base Energy Regeneration rate from 1.0/s to 1.2/s. This should feel much more permissive while still providing a reasonable resource management challenge.


We’ve moved completed but unclaimed quests to the top of the list in the Quest Board. We’ve also added a red exclamation point pip to all quests that have been completed but are not yet claimed, reminding you to claim your rewards.


We applied a new fix that addresses the issue of story encounters at the end of Episodes 4 and 9 failing to progress if barks were not enabled via the “Enable Barks” toggle in the options menu. We’ve fixed an issue in which the set piece encounter at the end of Episode 4 would not trigger sometimes due to not identifying that all players are in the combat arena.

We’ve also fixed an issue in the same encounter where players could exit the combat arena and get locked behind a portcullis.

We’ve fixed a similar issue where players could exit out of the Deadalus combat arena right before the door closed, causing them to be locked in the vestibule.


We’ve fixed an issue where the “Difficulty Decrease” icon duplicates in the character stats menu when it’s opened.


We’ve reduced the frequency of character barks when channeling spells from “always” to 20% chance on channel, so you should hear “This will teach you a lesson” much less often when preparing a fireball.

We’ve also reduced the frequency of character barks when using special abilities from “always” to 50% chance on ability use.

The “Enable Barks” toggle now affects only barks, as intended—character banter and story dialogue are no longer affected by the toggle. It is still possible to mute voice by using the slider in the audio tab of Options.


Some performance improvements to help achieve a more stable framerate on 8th generation consoles. Some spikiness is still present, and we are continuing to investigate.

General improvements to stability.

We fixed some textures that were displaying improperly in the dungeon.

We’ve significantly reduced the gold cost for skins, emotes, and voice lines in the Boutique, making them much more affordable.


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