Above is a sliver of the original key art for Princess Peach Showtime!, which Nintendo shared a few months back. While the game doesn’t see release until March 2024, Nintendo is quietly toiling away on all things big and small for the title. Now we know that includes some adjustments to the game’s key art.


What you see above is a piece of the new key art for Princess Peach Showtime!. While the rest of the artwork remains mostly unchanged, Peach’s face has been tweaked considerable in the image above. While the main image of Peach has seen her face undergo a rather severe makeover, the smaller version of Peach has also gotten a more fearsome face.

You might think this is a case of Nintendo making Peach more angry in the North American cover while she remains happy-go-lucky in the Japanese version. While Nintendo has certainly done that in the past, that’s not the case here. Nintendo has also updated the Japanese hub page for Princess Peach Showtime! with the same angry key art.

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8M ago

Peach always has the same doofy airheaded look in most art she's featured in, so seeing them tweak it is incredibly refreshing to see.

It's probably a stretch, but I wonder if perhaps the reception to the movie version of Peach prompted Nintendo to make these tweaks. I assume they've had a lot of the game's assets already produced before the movie came out.


8M ago

It resembles Peach from the movie a bit more which I like.


8M ago

This sucks. It doesn't pop nearly as much & so unnecessary given that design isn't even in the game. Makes it look like a movie tie in game you'd find in a bargain bin.

I'm pirateing this one


7M ago

So bad... she looks worse and shouldn't be following the movie design, it ought to be opposite.