Subpar Pool chalks up a Switch release today

Planning to pocket this one?

12 October 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Subpar Pool, a whimsical adventure of playful pocket antics at the intersection of golf and pool from Martin Jonassan, the developer behind the beloved games holedown, twofold inc & rymdkapsel, is coming to Switch today.

In Subpar Pool, dive into each procedurally generated level, consisting of a series of tables filled with balls you must pocket within a set number of shots. Strategize the best plan to pocket your balls and watch your plan inevitably combust as you adapt your next move to skillfully take home the win.

Create your course choosing cards from a deck to tailor the challenges to your desired game experience and playstyle. Want to feel stressed? Take part in the Fast Run, which limits the time you have to aim. Or want to see what happens when you play Subpar Pool with glass balls as they roll and collide? There’s thousands of ways to combine the dynamic cards to create a unique playthrough experience, every time.

Immerse yourself in the charming, lively world of Subpar Pool while you find out if you can master the unpredictability of ever-changing balls colliding in this satisfying and mesmerizing mashup experience.

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