Saltsea Chronicles sets sail on Switch today

Hope you don't get seasick

12 October 2023
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Die Gute Fabrik is pleased to announce that their new story-driven adventure game Saltsea Chronicles will be available on Switch today. You’ll be able to pick the game up on the Switch eShop for $25.

Saltsea Chronicles is a new story-driven adventure game from the award-winning indie studio Die Gute Fabrik (Mutazione, Sportsfriends). Saltsea Chronicles takes around 10 hours to complete on a first playthrough. The team recommends replaying the game using the branching save system to explore some of the alternative island pathways & expedition character choices.

Captain Maja’s misfit crew must heist their impounded ship and mount a rescue of their missing crew member. Guide the crew across islands of a post-flood world known as ‘Saltsea’. Explore strange and wonderful communities, uncover a deep conspiracy, choose where to go and which crew members to investigate with, and chart a journey through a story told across an entire archipelago.

This flooded world, betrayed by the so-called ‘Hoarders’, barely remembers a time before the Flood. They rebuilt on the ruins of what came before, and new talents and technologies took the place of the old. Many surprises await!

In Saltsea Chronicles you guide the entire crew through the story. As well as investigating the mystery of your captain’s disappearance, you will uncover secrets, create and resolve tensions between the crew, and add to your number as you meet others who ask to join you.

Each chapter, you pick which island to visit and who to send on the expedition. Your choices will unlock different content, develop relationships, and give you a chance to resolve (and create) tensions within the crew.

With a lightning-fast navigation system, you’re free to hop around the islands as you explore. Choose between short and snappy observations, or dig deep into conversations, exploring the islands across different times of day.

Was your captain kidnapped? Or did she leave of her own free will? Keep track of the mystery in Murl’s Log and collect records of your encounters as stickers in the Almanac.

Different playthroughs will trace different pathways, with some dramatic consequences for your crew. You can replay from any chapter and branch your save file to meet new crew members, explore different communities and uncover a rich and gripping story.

From an award-winning and diverse writersroom – with experience in Young Adult fiction, film, theatre, poetry and games – Saltsea Chronicles imagines a rich world where communities have rebuilt in the aftermath of disaster, creating a new society of connection, resilience and hope—but one still troubled by the universal questions of how to live together through conflict and change. This wide-reaching story game traces meaningful themes with humour, lightness of touch, and care.

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